SVC's experience leading and managing technology companies and business operations ranges from startup to Fortune 50, with expertise in market assessment and strategy, growth and turnaround planning and execution, business planning, go-to-market strategy and execution, product management, product marketing, marketing, sales and general management.

SVC is based in San Francisco, California.  SVC is committed to delivering outstanding value to you that goes beyond standard consulting, from our very first conversation on.

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Meet SVC's Principal, Bob Kimball

Bob’s experience and perspective on keys to successful growth derive from serving in roles including product manager, product line manager, marketing director, business director, VP Marketing, VP Sales and Marketing, VP Business Development, Chief Technology Officer, President and CEO in companies ranging from venture-backed early stage ventures to F1000 including Hewlett-Packard.   Bob has driven annualized growth exceeding 100% and restored growth and profitability in business unit and company turnaround situations.

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